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Sodalite Mala | Face the Truth

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Color – Blue
Size – 8mm Beads

SHOP YOUR FORTUNE | Sodalite Mala is specially for Intelligence, Logic & Perception.

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  • Sodalite can help with communication in a lot of different ways from helping you speak clearly with confidence.
  • It can help you accurately interpret the guidance that you are receiving.
  • Sodalite is a great crystal for supporting the Third eye Chakra.
  • It can be a particularly helpful crystal to have around when you are standing up for yourself or public speaking.

Who Can Buy This Sodalite Mala?

Anyone seeking balance and harmony in your life. Discover the power of Sodalite Mala, crafted to enhance self-expression and intuition. This beautiful gemstone necklace is perfect for those on a spiritual journey or seeking healing energy. Experience the transformative energy of Sodalite Mala and elevate your soul.

How To Use This Sodalite Mala?

To use this Sodalite Mala, Hold the mala in your hand, set your intention, and recite affirmations or mantras while moving from bead to bead. Meditate with its soothing energy or wear it as a stylish reminder of your spiritual journey.

Which Zodiac Sign Is Best Suited To This Sodalite Mala?

Sodalite Mala resonates particularly well with zodiac signs like Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. Their open-mindedness, intuition, and spiritual nature align harmoniously with the calming energy of Sodalite, enhancing self-expression and fostering inner wisdom. Embrace the synergy between your zodiac sign and this transformative gemstone.

How to Clean This Sodalite Mala?

To cleanse your Sodalite Mala, gently wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris. You can also place it under lukewarm running water for a brief rinse. Recharge its energy by leaving it under the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours.

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